Star Wars – BB-8 for your home

Even though the seventh episode of Star Wars is not out yet, according to the trailers the small ball-droid called BB-8 could be a new favorite character. That’s what the producers seem to think, because the cute droid will be a christmas present. Well, as a smaller version and probably not with all the features from the movie. But this sphero-version (that’s the company behind this toy) still seems to have a few cool abilities.
You can control him with your phone, which looked pretty easy in the video below. The other feature shown is something like a free-roam-mode, where BB-8 can roll out alone without your commands and “explore” his surrounding for himself. This is something you cannot really watch in a trailer but have to see for yourself. So we can only say if this really works, if we have one of this droids roaming through our house properly (or not). It would be really cool though, if he could not only roll alone for himself just random from wall to wall, but would stop from time to time to “look” at things with a few “beep boops” to make him more alive, as alive as a droid can be.

Website to this potential new christmas present is here:

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