Star Wars Battlefront – Beta and News

There will be a Beta-Test for Star Wars: Battlefront on PC, PS4 and XBox One in october. You have to register at the official website to get access, but besides that it’s free for everyone, so no closed-beta. When it starts, there will battles on Tatooine and Hoth in the gamemodes “Walker-Assault” and the new announced “Drop Zone”-mode.
Also there will be a companion website for Battlefront. Players will be able to see gaming-stats and communicate (hello Battlelog), but will be also able to play card-game, which rewards you with ingame credits for Battlefront. Details about the game itself are not public yet, so an opinion about this will wait. The online-stats-looking alone won’t keep players on the website I think.
Last news about Battlefront is, that there will be no browser-list. Players will join a game automatically, according to their skills. This feature is not new and the games that use it, show that it works. As long as you can still choose, which map/gamemode etc. you want to play.

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