I freaking love Assassins Creed. And I am excited as hell for the new one. Unity looks awesome!

Finally a big, historical city again. I liked AC:3 and Black Flag, but the climbing part in these villages with their wooden fishing houses was not very fun. Good games though, but I missed the time, when I climbed huge cathedrals and ran over the roofs of old stone buildings. I missed the cities from the Ezio Trilogy. These were the games, where I felt like an assassin. In Black Flag I was a pirate. A very cool pirate, but still. He wasn’t really an assassin, he didn’t even really care about the brotherhood. And Connor? That was a naive and confused guy, who continuously killed the wrong people and failed to save his tribe in the end, which was his ultimate goal. But his father was cool, unitl Connor killed him, because he was evil and stuff like all the other guys, who were evil and stuff … Back to Unity!

I also really like the new climbing system. A few people say, it is more complicated now. But they basically have a Button to climb up and to do the same thing down. Like in the first games. And that climbing system was really good. So, after Climbing 2.0 from AC:3 and Black Flag, this is … Climbing 1.5. But it’s better than 2.0, so it has to be Climbing 1: 2.0. Cool.

Next new thing is the fighting system. Ubisoft said, this time it will be really difficult to fight a lot of enemies (*yawn*). They always say that, but you can still fight 2.000 guards while ordering pizza and wash the dishes. But that is not a bad thing, I think. It simply looks awesome! If you want a game with a difficult fighting system, play Dark Souls and stuff. Sure, AC is a very easy game, they could for example change the difficulty in stealth missions (dont be seen, or its over), but I cannot complain about the fighting system. It looks freaking epic to slash a group of enemies, like it’s nothing and then walking away like it was nothing. It gives you that great feeling of a one-man-army. A solution would be to make the better enemies more difficult to fight, but to keep the normal soldiers as fight-dummys for epic assassinations. Everyone would be happy (except the guards).

And then … the city. Paris looks reeeeeeeally good. And the fact, that they tried to build the exact historical Paris for the game makes it even more awesome. I already said how much I missed big cities, but I didn’t talk much about Paris. Well, there is not really much to talk about it yet, but the streets, houses and churches -especially Notre Dame- really look amazing. Now you can acces houses without loading screens, but I’m afraid the amount of accessible houses will be very rare: Taverns, houses with a mission (like these “Murder-Missions”) and … that would be it, I think. This could be cool, if every second building is a tavern, but I think it’s not and most of the houses are closed.

Oh, and then we have a new hero. Arno Victor Dorian, who seems to be the french and less provocative version of Ezio. According to what I read, he is up for revenge and justice. Basic, but cool. Hopefully, that baguette-warrior is as funny as Ezio and not that serious and without any sense of humor (*chough Connor *cough*).

Well, I am very excited for that game. It seems like it’s bringing back all the awesome stuff from the old “Assassasins Creed”-Games and adding cool new features. On November 11th I will become an assassin again and hopefully have an awesome time playing with Arno in the French Revolution.

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