Samsung Gear VR Launch


Today, Samsung released a new version of a “Virtual Reality”-glasses, which is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Most of you should know about the Oculus Rift and this is basically a version for Samsung. It costs $199 and uses the phone as a display (so you put the phone in some sort of frame in front of your eyes). Although you have access to the Oculus Store, where you download games and stuff for the Rift, it is not sure, how much of the content there actually is for the “Samsung-Rift”. But you can also buy a controller, which is connected via Bluetooth to the VR-Glasses and play a few games with it, which is cool.
Here you go:
It is basically a smaller (of content, not size) version of the Oculus Rift. But finally something is released. I know about the Dev-Kits of Oculus, but I want a version for the customer. An “End-Version”. And Oculus hasn’t even set a release-date. Maybe the release of the Samsung VR pushes the Developers of the Oculus to bring out their product. Because that’s what I am waiting for.

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