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“Ronin” is a 2D-Platformer with pixel-graphics. So first of all, if you do not like those games, you don’t have to continue.
But I played for example “Mark of the Ninja (not telling much about it here, if requestet I can make a review)” and really enjoyed that game. “Mark of the Ninja” is also a 2D-Platformer with lots of stealth-aspects (Ninja, duh). So “Ronin” kinda looked like “Mark of the Ninja” and the demo was free (link below), so I gave it a try.
And weeeeell, there are similarities (both Ninja-guys on assassination-missions in the 21st century) but “Ronin” has enough new ideas. The biggest one is the fighting system. Everything freezes, if you enter a fighting scene. Then you can choose, what you will do, for example jump to avoid bullets from the guards, or throwing your sword or kill someone if you’re close enough. If you make a move, your enemy does the same and then everything freezes and the same thing starts again. This allows a lot of strategy during the fights. If someone is pointing a gun at you (seen through a red laser pointer) you have to jump away in the next move, because the guard will shoot at you. Then when you are in the air and everything freezes you can choose to throw your sword at the guard and kill him. But you have to keep in mind that it takes one round to land on the ground and one more to grab your sword and in these two rounds you are unarmed … so you probably get how the system works. And it’s really fun to play. New enemies require new strategies and new gadgets allow new possibilities.
The demo I played is not very long and the content not very much (because demo), so that’s all I can say about the game yet. But there will be a full version, hopefully soon. I liked the concept and the fighting system. If you liked it too and can’t wait to play more, then play “Mark of the Ninja” while “Ronin” isn’t released.


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