Payday 2 – caused uproar by adding more Microtransactions

Payday 2 ‘s Developers “Overkill Software” caused commotion among their playerbase by adding in microtransactions into their two year old title PAYDAY 2 a few weeks ago. After taking the critizism Overkill took countermeasures by reworking their system of balancement, which dimmed the uproar among Payday’s playerbase. Now shortly after the masses calmed down they released a bunch of additional microtransactions that most players would refer to as “Pay to Win”.Payday2 Image

The new microtransactions add bonuses to money and experience gain per heist, and their effects even stack up. The more players who participate in a heist buy the microtransaction bonus, the stronger it gets. The strongest bonuses even need to be unlocked by buying (also with real money) certain weapon skins.

Sadly, uproars like these are not uncommon, since gamers who already bought the game feel like the developers still try to drain out as much money as possible.

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