Oculus Rift – Price and special PCs

“Oculus Connect” is Oculus’ own trade fair (what a surprise), where the vice president Nate Mitchell finally said something specific about the price of the consumer-edition, which be be “at least 300$”. The preliminary estimate of the price was between 200 and 400$, so it seems like they are keeping their word. The price includes a VR-Headset, including sensors and an XBoxOne-Controller. Pre-ordering is currently not possible, it still takes too much time until everything is finished and ready for shipping.
Another new announcement was that there will be cooperation between Oculus and Alienware, Dell und Asus. These are PC-producers and will create the “Oculus Ready”-PC, which will have the required power for the Oculus. Of course it will be possible to have an Oculus without these specific PCs, but a cooperation like this is not unusual and a complete bundle with everything needed for VR-gaming should finds it’s customers.

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