Oculus Rift not in 2015


The team of the “Oculus Rift” once said, that there have to be a lot of problems to prevent the Oculus from releasing in 2015. It would be only a matter of months but definitely not years. Weeeeeeeell, apparently they were wrong. Or there are a lot of problems, but they deny that, so the only problem seems to be not enough time. I think they once talked about a release in 2014 …
The team has very clear ideas and plans, what the Oculus Rift will be capable of, and they won’t release it until everything they want to integrate is in that glasses. The problem is, that Valve and other VR-devices are as good as the Oculus – and they want to release this year. So Oculus won’t be the one and only, but most important, not the first VR-device on the market, which is very risky I think. If the Valve VR is as good as the press says I would buy one of those. Why should I wait for the Oculus Rift, which can to exactly the same but is too shy to be released? The team of Oculus might lose a lot of customers here, if they wait too long.
And I think they should release the damn thing. Sure, there is always a way to make it better, but that’s why companies sell new versions of their products. You can always wait until you can make a product better, but then the product itself will never be in stores. The Oculus Rift should be released to wake the interest for VR in more people and then after a couple years the “Rift 2” will be bought buy a lot more customers. Oculus says they want to create the perfect VR-experience, but in my eyes perfection is something impossible to create.

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