New Assassins Creed for 2015


The next game in the Assassins Creed series will have the title “Assassins Creed: Victory”. According to kotaku, this next chapter will play in London in the 19th century (so the title “Victory”, because of the Victorian era). One of the very rare known facts is, that a new feature will be a grappling hook, which could completely change the way of climbing through a city. Also there will be fights on trains or carriages (at least shown at pictures).
This time, Ubisoft Quebec will be the main studio working on the next AC. They previously did DLCs like “The tyranny of King Washington” or “Freedom Cry”. The technology seems to be very similar to Unity, which isn’t surprising, after they did a big improvement to the gameplay with Unity, they’ll gonna keep the basics of that for the following games. And London looks a bit like Paris, I think. Yes, these are two different cities, but the buildings from London and Paris (in the games of course) look very similar, which probably confirms the same climbing system in both games.

I am an Assassins Creed fan from the first game on. And as long as they create good, enjoyable games, I will buy and enjoy every AC-game. I can understand people who complain about how Ubisoft releases one (or more) Assassins Creed every year, but you are not forced to buy it and in my eyes those games are still at a high quality level.
London could be very cool, even though I wish they would go back in time (like old egypt, rome, etc.). But a city full of dark alleys and the fog around (like the atmosphere on the picture) could create a very cool feeling. The only worry I have, is that because of the new technologies in that time, I will play as a high-tech spy and no Assassin. Because, who needs a hidden blade, when you have more guns, grenades and stuff? An Assassin has a sword and a hidden blade, the rest are extra weapons. Lets see, what Ubisoft will create. And hopefully not with tons of bugs at the launch-day…

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