Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – Sells more than four million times

‘Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’, the version of Monster Hunter 4 that was also released beyond Japan, has been sold for more than four million times, as Capcom announced recently. This number also includes digital downloads and download cards. While a big part of the Monster Hunter community surely still is Japanese, the games seem to become more popular with every new iteration all over the world.

With the sales of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Capcom has also reached another goal: The Monster Hunter series has sold more than 33 million units in total by the end of September.

The two upcoming games, ‘Monster Hunter X’ and ‘Monster Hunter Stories’, a RPG spinoff, have no confirmation for localization beyond Japan yet. But looking at the on-going success of Monster Hunter 4, it only seems logical to at least bring the new main part to the western fans.



Source: Capcom

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