Microsoft Hololens – New and different VR


Microsoft just had their press conference and talked about Windows 10, which will be a free update to Win7/8/8.1 and then about something completely new. The Hololens. That is a virtual reality device, but not like Oculus Rift or Project Morpheus. The Hololens has transparent glasses and adds 3D-Models on the screen. So it projects a Skype-Talk onto your wall at home, or puts a interactive 3D-Model on your desk. The weather would be shown as a small 3D-Model of a beach with the weather forecast above it. You will also be able to play games with it, the trailer showed a living room as a Minecraft world where you can build. I read a comment somewhere “This would be the closest thing to Jarvis (A.I. from Iron Man)” and this describes the Hololens pretty good.
The Hololens is still under construction and in a very early state. But a few more details about the power are already released. The Hololens will use a new Intel-Core, which is also not available on the market yet. The name of it is “Cherry Tail” and is more powerful than the previous “Bay Trail” and it could be possible to recharge it wireless, so you wouldn’t need a cable for the power connection (or not even the power connection?).
That’s everything known so far, there is a trailer, which shows the features of the Hololens but it hasn’t been tested. New important updates on this will be posted here.

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