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If you like Tower Defense and need something new on your phone or tablet, then I recommend the newest game of the “Kingdom Rush”-series.
For those of you, who know about Kingdom Rush: The next part is pretty much like the previous ones, with a little more detail and of course new towers, enemies and locations. This time you play an elven army, so the tower are based on nature, shiny lights and long, blond hair … that’s what makes elves elves. If you liked the first games then you will love Origins.

For those of you who have never heard of these games: Kingdom Rush is a Tower-Defense game on mobile devices. Like every other Tower-Defense you are facing waves of enemies walking straight to your fortress and it is up to you to keep them away from that by building defenses around the path to kill all of the enemies before they can reach your fortress.
Kingdom Rush plays in one of those typical “Middleage-Fantasy-Magic-Dragons-Elves-AndStuff”-settings. You have four different basic towers: An Archer-Tower, which is pretty much an Archer-Tower to defend yourself. A Mage-Tower, which is … a Mage-Tower with slower, but more powerfull attacks. Then a Soldier-Tower, which spawns three soldiers on the road to block the enemies. And finally a Druid-Tower, which does splash-damage. Last time it was a bomb thrower, now it is a druid. The effect is the same.
Each tower can be leveled up twice. After that you can choose between two special versions of your tower. For example, the Archer-Tower can be either upgraded to a tower with two archers, who shoot magical arrows and aim at two enemies at the same time, or you build a sniper-tower, with long range and one powerfull shot. So including the basic-towers you have 12 towers.
And to support your towers you also have one hero on the battlefield. That is a single individual, which can be moved all across the map and help at certain heatpoints. They can also level up and gain new abilities. Three heroes are free, the other ones have to be purchased. And five bucks is a little heavy, when the game already costs that much.
The variety of enemies and locations is like in every Kingdom Rush amazing. Lots of different armies (like Gnolls (big hairy rats) or drow elves) with different units to make every level different. And every time the map is interactive. Sometimes you have plants to poison your enemies, or a giant water snake, which freezes a few of your towers, or just Obelix, Bambi, Gandalf or other things you know in the background.

As a TowerDefense-Fan I love Kingdom Rush. If that genre is your thing, then you will like it too. If not, well don’t play it, it is basically just another Tower-Defense. I have fun, playing those and just wanted to tell a few of you about this game.
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