GTA 5 – Online “Freemode” update

Another big update for “Rockstar’s” GTA:V. With a news that could disappoint a few people, because bringing this new online-update, the developers told more or less indirect that the priorities are currently online-mode, so no singleplayer-dlcs in the near future. Thinking of “The lost and damned” and “The ballad of gay tony” this is kinda sad, but nevertheless are updates always awesome. And the “Freemode”-update brings quite a lot new stuff. The “Freemode”-system is a gaming-lobby without a loading-screen. Random events just happen in the world and you can see them passing by and join them if you want to. No loading, not hosting a lobby, just being in the open world and then suddenly some events happen. For example a mode, where one player is a monster (still with a human-like body) with the goal to pass certain checkpoints, while all the other players have to stop him at any cost. Or a “King of the hill”-version with a few buildings. The cool aspect is, that because of the open world it is not just only awesome to join in without loading, but how you join could also be hilarious. The “King of the hill” match could change dramatically, if a new player decides to join with a tank or an army-jet. Same goes for the monster-hunting. Make your own picture of the “Freemode” in the trailer below and tell me what you think.

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