For Honor – Ubisoft Surprise

There weren’t really big new surprises at E3. A few presentations surprised in a positive way, but new AAA games were rare. Then Ubisoft had one … again. For Honor seems to be the competitor for Civalry and Co. And a lot of people (me included) really liked what they saw.
First, it is a lot faster than the other swordfighting games. When you sprint, you actually sprint. And the basic speed of the whole game was very fast, everywhere was happening something. Fighting and finishing fits to that speed-level.
Fighting is similar to the other games. Well, all of them have a few differences but in its core it is parrying and striking. The winner executes the opponent. End of story. Looks cool though.
Except in other Civalry games there were a lot of AI knights, to create the real feeling of a battle. And it worked, apparently. Much more action and you are part of an army really changes the battle experience. The creators wanted to make the player feel like a warrior on the battlefield. Well, you are one of four (4v4 multiplayer) heroes and with each strike one AI bot gets crushed, so you are not one of a thousand, but still. The feeling is intense in the heat of battle.
Yet, there are three groups playable: Knights, Vikings and Samurai. They differ in their looks of course, according to the abilities we haven’t seen enough.

Defenitely a game worth keeping an out for.

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