Final Fantasy XIV – Update 3.1 with lots of new content released.

Players of the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV know, that when Square Enix releases a ‘big’ content update for their game, it really means big. And so the new patch 3.1 with the name ‘As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness’, which was released earlier today, once more brings a lot of new stuff to do.


The patch notes are huge (you can find them here), but the probably most important things are one completely new dungeon and a ‘hard’ version of an old one – which basically means something completely new as well, just if you’re not familiar with it. Also there is a new raid-dungeon for 24 players, several new quest lines and another new dungeon-like feature that revolves around airships. Together with this stuff come lots of new items, Gold Saucer minigames and many bugfixes. And the list goes on, but as I said: Big.

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