Far Cry Primal – New game leaked

There was a stream on Youtube by Ubisoft, showing cave painting on a wall. The camera was reeeeally slowly zooming out to reveal more and more of the picture. The final picture as a whole should announce a new game. Sadly, nobody told IGN Turkey that this will be an exclusive surprise, so they leaked the title: “Far Cry Primal”. And one screenhot. Well, so much for the big surprise.
Now we have a bit more information and even a video. “Far Cry Primal” will be the next big title of the franchise. The game takes place 10000 BC and we play as Takkar, a hunter and the last survivor of his tribe. The rest is “Far Cry”. A big open world, hunting animals to craft new items, destroying hostile outposts, … as usual, Ubisoft sticks to the core gameplay mechanics. If the game really has improvements to be really different from the previous games, that is something we will know in the future.
The trailer looks interesting though.

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