Fallout Shelter – First impression

Fallout Shelter was one of the many suprises at this year’s E3. An App to shorten up the time unitl the “big one”, Fallout 4, is finally out. Well, although it is certainly not as huge and much of a game as Fallout 4 it is still fun and most of all, (almost) completely free …

Fallout Shelter is a 2D game, where you build your own Shelter to give survivors of the apocalypse a new home and protection from outside. You basically add rooms with certain functions, like a Generator Room, a Diner for food, or barracks for people to live (and have new inhabitants …). For that you need bottle caps, the “money” of Fallout. If you have enough, you can buy a new room or upgrade it. Upgrading increases the production of a room. Or you build up to three similar rooms next to each other to create a big room, where more people can work in.
With more inhabitants you unlock more rooms, like training rooms to improve the skills of your workers. That’s basically it for the building part. But there is more.
For example you can send your survivors to the outside world. They can find bottle caps, weapons and armor or simple clothing. With that you can protect you people better to send them on longer on missions outside to get better … you get the idea.
And these weapons are also needed if raiders attack your base. They will smash in your door and grab everything they can, unless a brave worker with a gun stops them. Here is one thing, I don’t really understand. You can put guards at the door to attack the raiders before they reach the other important rooms. They will attack, but after a few shots they will let the raiders pass, like “Nah, we shot enough of them, let the brave ones get through”. I don’t get that, they should fight to the death and not just stop at some point. I hope that is a bug and will be fixed.
There are two more threads to your shelter. First, big mutated cockroaches can come out of the ground randomly or when you want your workers to work faster and they fail. Then the rooms can start to burn. In both cases you need to send someone there immediately to prevent more damage.
The thing I said earlier about the “completely free”-thing is also a big plus. The only thing you can buy are lunchboxes. These boxes contain items, like better weapons, clothes and bottle caps. But first, you can get those boxes in the game and second, everything you can get in the boxes is also accessible with playing. And the best items I have are not from lunchboxes, but from my outside-missions. Plus, there is no waiting. Like almost every other game, you don’t have to wait hours for a room to be finished. It’s there, when you buy it. The only thing that takes time are smaller things like children grow old, or people on missions. But this game is really enjoyable because it is truly free and without waiting. Props to Bethesda for that.

With that being said, I can recommend this game for breaks, in the bus or at home when you have a minute. A small but nice game to wait for Fallout 4, coming out this November.

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