Fallout 4 – Video and information leak

It seems like leaks became a normal thing these days. Games are announced earlier than planned, videos are online without the publisher knowing it and of course information are hardly possible to be kept safe among the creators. The release of Fallout 4 is rather soon and we already know a lot about the game – from official information drops. But now there are three gameplay videos online showing early gameplay footage like character creation. Additional to that the leak includes information about the game in general.
According to reddit there will be six difficulty levels. Higher levels will increase/decrease the enemies damage output and input and the number of enemies in the world. Legendary enemies are (of course) harder to defeat but can drop legendary weapons with unique stats. Weapons can be created out of up to 30(!) pieces, which should allow tons of different weapons. The size of the world of Fallout can be compared with the world in Skyrim.
We don’t really have a proof for all of those “facts”, November 10th we will know it for sure.
Videos are here , be careful if you are allergic to spoilers.

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