Fallout 4 – Gameplay, information, surprises


We all knew that Fallout 4 was coming, we saw the first trailer before E3. We complained about the graphics and expected “just” another Fallout. A good game of course, but we were not expecting so much information at the press conference. It started with gameplay. First applause, when we saw the character creation and the fact, that both genders will be playable and fully voiced. After character building, apocalypse happened and the real Fallout started. First steps looked like the third game, with better graphics of course (it really looks good, apparently the first trailer wasn’t that amazing). Then you meet the dog from the first trailer. He is kinda your four legged housecarl in Fallout. He can fight, he can find things, he can be adorable and he CAN’T die (whew).
After this video there was a second one. In this trailer they showed the feature of house-building and even the creation of whole villages with people living there. That’s a feature I really love. Creating your own environment is always awesome, so this alone is a reason for me to buy Fallout 4.
Next big surprise was a Pipboy. The Pipboy. A real Pipboy! The creator of Fallout (and The Elder Scrolls) Todd Howard said “We love the Pipboy so much, we made a real one.” Silence, because everybody was stunned. They unfreezed and started cheering when he added “One will be in every Collectors Edition”. That is pretty amazing. At they showed, it’s working. You can put your phone in it, install the “Fallout 4”-App and use it like a Pipboy. You can even link it to your game and use your real Pipboy for everything instead of the virtual one.
So, we all expected the next Fallout, what we saw, was amazing. And at November we can finally try it our ourselves.


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