Evolve – New Gamemode, All Monsters

Today, Turtle Rock Studios revealed the last one of the four monsters in Evolve. Well, actually it’s the third. The first two monsters, Goliath and Kraken, are already known and I could also play them. The fourth monster is the Pre-Order bonus and was revealed after that. We dont know, how it looks and what the abilities are, but we know the silhouette of it and it seems to be the real tank of the monsters. Like a Crab-Mountain-Hybrid or whatever. And today they showed us the last monster, which is the third monster, but the last monster for Non-Pre-Order-People. Got that? Great! And that monster looks indeed amazing. It is described as a “Space-Ninja-Monster-Assassin”, which ist pretty much my dream-monster. Wraith (that’s her name, yeah it’s a she) can be invisible, clone herself, then like dash forward and do an explosion, can create some sort of fairy dust around her, which makes her shiny and freaking fast and deadly and stuff and finally can grab a hunter and take him away from the group. She has not very much health, so players should avoid open and direct combat, like the Goliath would do it.
Now that we have all monsters (yeah the Pre-Order monster not really, but we can expect it to be a tank), I think all of them a very different and create lots of different playstyles. You have the Soldier (Goliath), the Mage (Kraken), the Tank (Whatever he is called) and the Assassin (Wraith). And also lots of different Hunters (like 3 per class), which create really a lot of combinations in battle. I’m looking forward to the Open Beta (15th of January) to play the new hunters and especially the Wraith!


And we have still more content! Turtle Rock also revealed a new gamemode. The “Evacuation”-Mode. This is divided in five rounds, but each one affects the next round. Hunters stay Hunters and the Monster player also plays as the Monster in all five rounds. It’s a bit like a story here or Mini-Campaign, the Hunters must evacuate the planet and flee, while the monster does what a monster does. Smash the shit out of everything. The first mode is the typical “Hunt-Mode” we all know how that goes. Then we have the “Nest-Mode”, where the hunters have to destroy monster-eggs, while the Monster player has to defend them and also hatch them, to create new AI-Monsters. These monsters can help the player and attack the hunters. The “Rescue-Mode” ist about … rescue (no shit). The Hunters have to rescue civilians on the planet and bring them to an evacuation-zone. Meanwhile the monster does, what a monster does. Kill and eat the civilians and the hunters. The next mode is the “Defend-Mode”. The Hunters have to defend a few generators. The monster and is AI-allies have to destroy them. These are four different gamemodes, so apparently one mode will be played twice.

That’s sounds really cool and I am very excited, but I hope there will be a bit more content. By that I mean more maps, maybe another Mini-Campaign and especially, variety on the maps (AI-monsters should be placed random, after playing two rounds on each map I knew all the locations of the monsters and that should be changed).
Still very excited for the game.

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