E3 – Publishers PCs and their games

E3 is right in front of us. And with it comes a load of press conferences. Here is a short list of the publishers presenting new games and one or two of their most special pieces:

Bethesda 6:30 PM: Bethesda’s certain presentations are the new Doom and – which will create the most hype – the new Fallout. After a trailer, which has shown us the world and a dog, but not really facts, we are now very curious, how the fourth game in the post-apocalyptic world will be and what will change.

Microsoft 9 AM: Well, we will have CoD. Nothing more to say here, not because I don’t like Call of Duty, but like Assassins Creed, we pretty much know what to expect. Rise of the Tomb Raider (probably shown at Square Enix’s PC) should be more interesting and maybe Halo 5, if they show something of the campaign, not the multiplayer (same like CoD).

EA 12:30 PM: Battlefront. That’s the reason to watch it. Also Mirror’s Edge (if shown), but Battlefront could be their highlight, if there is no secret blockbuster behind the curtain.

Ubisoft 2:30 PM: Assassins Creed, Rainbow Six and The Division. First two games already have a lot of gameplay online and so has The Division. They will probably show more gameplay of each one and hopefully something unexpected here. Not just an assassination, a hostage-fight or a battle in the snow streets of NY. Something new here and hopefully another suprise at the end.

Sony 5:30 PM: Sony has a lot of Indie-games and smaller titles to show. I don’t know of anything really special here, but nevertheless it could be an interesting show, simply because of Indies.

Nintendo 8:30 PM: Nintendo has games, everyone (really everybody out there) knows, and they will make new games with Mario & CO. Expect Mario, Link in this show and enjoy it, the last show wasn’t really a presentation, but more a rather funny movie.

Square Enix N/A: They have Final Fantasy 15, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Just Cause 3. Awesome games, and hopefully lots of gameplay from at least the last two ones, because Square Enix declined an appearance of FF15 at E3.

PC Gaming Show N/A: Weeeeeell, I don’t know what to say about this. It seems to be a hardware show, because of sponsors like AMD. But a press conference about PC interior doesn’t really sound interesting. But a list of participants at the show (Blizzard, Microsoft, ArenaNet, etc.) creates the possibilities of PC exclusive surprises…

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