Dragon Age: Inquisition – ‘Game of the Year’ edition announced

Not even a year ago, in November 2014, BioWare and Electronic Arts released the third installment in the ‘Dragon Age’ series, ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’. Since then already three story DLCs have been released, ‘Jaws of Hakkon’, ‘The Descent’ and ‘Trespasser’, which was also supposed to be the last content addition for the game. Considering that it doesn’t seem all too surprising that EA now announced a ‘Game of the Year’ edition of their RPG.

As it is usual with such ‘GotY’ releases, it will include all available DLC, which isn’t only the additional story content mentioned above, but also the ingame stuff of the original ‘Deluxe Edition’, as well as the two other purchasable item packages ‘Spoils of the Avvar’ and ‘Spoils of the Qunari’.


The GotY edition will be released on October 9 for PC (download only), Xbox One and PS4. If you haven’t played Dragon Age: Inquisition yet, it might be worth to wait until then to get at least the full package.

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