Caffeine – No Review Possible At Its Current State.

Caffeine is an episodic sci fi horror adventure game, is tagged with ‘psycho horror’ and looks fantastic – including DX12 support. Further the developer sent us a key in early October, yet there is still no review on our site about it. How is that?

Well, to put it simple, Caffeine is unplayable for me at the moment, because the game’s performance is catastrophic. Whenever I look at a source of light or smoke or any other effects like that, the framerate goes down to about 3-5 FPS. Looking elsewhere got me at least to a stable 15 FPS. Woohoo.

So I’ve been waiting for a few updates, hoping that would fix the issues. It did not. I also spend quite some time to try and change the graphic quality, but that didn’t seem to have any impact at all. And trust me, I have a pretty fast PC that runs every other game without problems and I definitely know what I’m doing. So there should be no problem on my end.
Anyway, in my opinion it is impossible to play a horror game under these circumstances. So my only hope right now is that the future episodes will change that, since Caffeine looks really promising.

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