Battlefront – The Beta so far

The open Beta for “Star Wars: Battlefront” is here. We already talked about the content in a previous article, now I can say if I liked it or not. And well, I liked it. But I am also not really sure about a few things …

First I played the Coop Mode, where you only fight AI-soldiers. Here the first thing you recognize are the amazing graphics. This game is gorgeous! Especially if you look far in the distance, it looks almost like an actual picture. And everything else, explosions, smoke, gunshots, all this is really up to date and creates with the soundscape (which I also like very much) an epic battle-feeling. But in Coop you only play with a friend and fight a few AIs. So if this is epicly staged, what does the battle of Hoth with 40 players look like? Even more amazing! It sounds like fangirl-talking, but I cannot deny the beauty and feeling during the game. This is how a battle on Hoth should feel like. Only thing I thought that could be better was flying (or I am just unbelievably terrible) and the power of heroes. They simply die too soon. If you see Vader walking towards you, you should be terrified and run for your life. Instead, everyone just aims at him, and within seconds he is down again. A very good player could even face him 1v1. Heroes need at least more life. But playing as a foot soldier is fun. No doubt.
starwarsbattlefront 2015-10-08 17-00-02-75
But there are the things I am not sure of. I played the Hoth mission for a few times now, it’s the only big battle besides the 8v8 mode, which was fun but not as cool as Hoth. And the problem was, beause the AT-ATs are walking the same path every time, the strategy to fight them is the same as well. Repetitive gameplay ahead! There has to be more freedom in achieving victory to create more unique moments. It’s not that terrible, there are always different fights, but the positions on the map where you have to fight are the same. And after a few rounds it gets a bit boring. I don’t know about all the other gamemodes but I hope they are really different to keep up variety and, with that, the fun.

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