Batman Arkham Knight – What we know, what we hope

arkham knight

Batman: Arkham Knight finishes the epic trilogy around the dark knight and according to the trailers, Rocksteady makes this finale as dramatic and epic as fans expect it to be. To be clear, it’s a trilogy because Arkham Origins was made by Warner Bros. while Rocksteady was already working on Arkham Knight, so the prologue of the Arkham series is not part of the original trilogy (Asylum, City, Knight).
The first trailer revealed Scarecrow as the main villain, but the story seems to change it’s priorities pretty soon. But first things first: Scarecrow wants to “nuke” the city with some sort of “terror-gas” (probably like in Batman Begins) and threatens the citizens of Gotham. So the whole city is evacuated (yawn, another reason for a city without normal people walking around). The only people left are police and gangsters – how convenient. Enough buisness for Batman, who seems to have tons of missions, side quest and gangster-riots to deal with. Sounds good, but I hope they random police-events (if in the game) are more interesting as in “Origins”, where those events would only mean “Beat the shit out of a few guys – problem solved”. Something more like stealth-parts, rescues, infiltration, there are a lot of possibilities.
Back to the story. As I said, I think the main goal for Batman will change. First, because Rocksteady did some of those story-twists in the previous games, and second because of the Arkham Knight. Even if you haven’t watched all those trailers, the game is named after him, duh. But I don’t really care who the final enemy will be, all of the stories in the Batman-games were really awesome and interesting, so I don’t think they will disappoint in the next game.
Gameplay seems to be like in the first games, which is ok because the gameplay worked there and I don’t really need more gadgets for Batman. There will be more takedowns, more stealth-takedowns, one or two more gadgets, aaaaaaand the Batmobile. Finally it is possible to drive through the streets and run over evil gangsters. And if you wish, the Batmobile can be transformed into some sort of Bat-Tank, to take out other tanks, helicopters and whatever military forces try to invade the city. But even though I like the Batmobile and I will enjoy using it, I really love flying over the city, so I will keep travelling by grapling hook and my cape, because I’m Batman.
Batman: Arkham Knight will be like the first games: With an interesting story, awesome gameplay and a few more features to make the game more enjoyable. I’m defenitely hooked to be the Batman again.

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