Batman Arkham Knight – Performance issues cause great anger on PC


Finally Batman: Arkham Knight is out. And the press loves the gameplay, the graphics and the trailers were awesome. So everyone expected an awesome final to the great trilogy about the dark knight. But when you look at Steam, Batman doesn’t really shine. In fact, the criticism is even more harshly than during the time Unity came out. Only 33% positive reviews on Steam (at the time of the creation of the article) is for such an AAA title a fatal strike. But what is the problem with the game? The press played it and they loved it. And we already saw gameplay and it was amazing. It’s simple, it’s what seems to be the new trend of PC-ports of games. It is buggy as hell. But not the funny buggy, like just people walking in the air. Like Unity, but apparently even worse. A 30FPS lock isn’t even that horrible, when it at least stays at those 30. But according to some players, the framerate drops down to 5 frames per second. A slide show of the final chapter in the Arkham series. Plus people complain about a lot of crashes in the menu or freezes during the game.
With that I absolutely hope that Rocksteady got that thunderstorm of a feedback and works at least since 5 hours on a solution. Until then I cannot suggest buying a copy of Batman: Arkham Knight on PC and my “First impression” also has to wait. As sad as it sounds, that’s how it is. And this trend of releasing unfinished games must stop! It destroys the status of fantastic games and the only thing that is mentioned and remembered is the bad performance.

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