AC Unity – First Impression


So yeah, I talked about what is not working in the game, but nevertheless a cool game with tons of awesomness in it. Luckily my game runs pretty well, except a few crashes here and there (#justubisoftthings). I’m trying to mention as much as possible about everything in the game I have tried yet. I cannot really tell anything about the story but it starts interesting and – according to the trailers – seems to become dramatic and epic, with explosions and stuff. But now I am focusing on the world (Paris) and the opportunities in it.
Well, the first thing which really impressed me was how alive and realistic Paris is. The Buildings are so detailed and the people on the streets … how many there are! And they all seem to do something. I saw a man and a woman punching a guy (must have cheated on her or whatever) or traders selling items, women walking with baskets to or from the market, people yelling … Paris is so alive, I have never seen anything like that in a game (well, in RPGs like Skyrim there are more people to talk to, but here its the masses of people which creates the feeling of a big city). And combined with the light-effects its absolutely beautiful. Even the horse-shit on the street looks realistic and makes the city more detailed. A lot of people said that Paris is the main protagonist of the game and I agree. Sometimes I just walk through the streets and everytime I see new situations. Awesome!
The new climbing systems adds a couple new movements to the game which are more or less usefull. The “Controled-Downclimbing” (or whatever) is one of the best new features. The rest is good. It was always good and it’s still good. It maybe looks a bit more realistic now (not the jumps though, Arno must have kangaroos in his family).
The fighting system is a lot more difficult then before, but once you got used to it, you only have to fear range weapons, which take you down with two shots. Close combat is block and attack. No counter-attacks and you need to parry faster, but you learn that pretty fast.
A new feature I really like is the more detailed customization. Now you dont have complete outfits, you can choose different armor for your head, chest, legs, and arms, which creates a lot of combinations. Sadly the armor pieces do not really look different. Sure, you see the difference (cape or no cape, leather or iron armor, which color, …) but I would like to really create different assassins, like one looking like from the middle-east, or an asian armor … that kind of stuff. Well, maybe in the next game.
As I said, I could not really play coop, but from what I saw you can either run together through Paris (which is pretty cool I think) or go on missions, which are designed like the singleplayer-ones (like guard someone, kill someone, find someone …).

I really love AC Unity, so I hate Ubisoft because of that horrible release-status of the game. If the game runs without bugs (which hopefully happens soon) then I highly recommend that game to all action adventure fans, mostly because of the beautiful detailed city and its possibilities.

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