AC Unity: Dead Kings – First Impression

Ubisoft recently released the first DLC for Assassins Creed: Unity. And before I even played it I can recommend it, simply because it’s free. It is Ubisoft’s little excuse for the horrible bug-massacre of Unity after the release. So here it is, but is worth to download the about 7.5GB and play it (besides the fact, that you have to download it to continue playing anyway)?

When you download the DLC and run the game you will start in Paris just like always. To start the Story “Dead Kings” you have to travel to Franciade (aka St. Louis) by using carriage next to Cafe Theatre (like travelling to Versailles). After that, a cutscene will introduce you to the new story, which is set after the main-story, so it is recommended to finish the main game before going to Franciade, even though you can travel to Franciade and play Dead Kings very early.
Without any spoilers, the story is short (because DLC) but interesting and the missions are fun to play. Most of the times you are in the catacombs, way bigger than the tunnels in Paris, with big caves, rooms full of graves, temples, that kind of stuff. If you open the map, the catacombs reach everywhere under the whole city (Franciade is as big as Versailles).
I cannot really say what’s new here, because there is nothing really new in the gameplay. It is more content, more main-missions, more side-quests, more Nostradamus-riddles (oh god, not those again), … more of Unity. That isn’t bad, I liked Unity and I liked more content for Unity. I knew the design of the missions, I knew the enemies, the buildings were like those in Paris, … but it was entertaining. It’s for free, so just play it. It is not a reason to buy the whole game, if you didn’t want Unity anyway, but if you already have the game, give it a try.
I finished the main-story in about 3 hours (I rushed a bit, you may take longer), without any side-quests, so I am expecting 2 more hours to finish everything in “Dead Kings”. You get of few more weapons, including the Guillotine Gun, a battle-axe-grenade-launcher and a few more costumes. Like I said, more content, nothing really new. But it is only a DLC so I’m fine with that.

So, I was entertained by the story and Franciade looks cool and fun to explore. I am not sure, if this would be worth buying the “Season Pass”, but because it’s free, I absolutely recommend playing “Dead Kings”.

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