AC Syndicate – 1 hour gameplay

Ubisoft released a 1 hour gameplay video, which was recorded during a life stream (so you might have watched it already). And even though they play just the E3 demo, in which Jacob liberates a district from the gangs of the templars, they at least try different options doing it, plus they do some free roaming and climb a few buildings. Sadly you don’t see anything really new here. The mission is known and the gameplay … well, you climb buildings and assasinate people. The running system is the same like Unity’s, graphics are also similar of course. So it looks more like a big DLC for Unity than something completely new. I loved the “Assassins Creed”-franchise since the first game, but this demo shows, that the series should take a creative pause to come up with something fresh and different. Because I don’t want to play a new Assassins Creed, not Unity in a different city.
Watch the gameplay here. Do you also think, AC misses some new ideas?

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