Warcraft 4 – Discussion about new game

In an interview with IGN, producer Tim Morten talked about the time after “Legacy of the Void” and which games or DLCs are planned. According to Morten there could be a chance for a new “Warcraft”-game.
“It’s very rewarding for us to hear that there’s demand out there for more RTS content in the Warcraft universe so once we’re done with Void I think we’ll get together as a team and talk about what would inspire us to work on next. There’s no question, though, that we’ll consider Warcraft, StarCraft, or even new ideas. Anything is possible.”
It sounds, that they want to make a new game, not just an addon. And StarCraft is too young to get a sequel, so Warcraft 4 is not that impossible. At least it sounds like Blizzard doesn’t want to tell the whole Warcraft-story in “World of Warcraft”, but also in other games. Until we definitely know about the next big game we have to wait a bit though. First there will be “Legacy of the Void” and probably a few weeks support and bug fixing, before the team can focus on new things.

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