Total War Warhammer – Unit showcase and upcoming trailer

Finally we get to see some videos about “Total War: Warhammer”. For now we have a short presentation about one of the units, the demigryphs. Those majestic creatures will fight with other impressive units for the imperials against Orcs, Undeads and maybe the dwarfs. Unfortunately you don’t see the demigryphs in action, only artworks and animation, which are nevertheless very impressive. Especially the detail is amazing when you keep in mind, that you will see them just as one of hundreds of units on the battlefield.
But there is also good news for those who want finally some gameplay. This friday will be the release of the first ingame look. What that exactly means is not 100% sure, but I expect a more or less “scripted” battle to show the new features on the battlefield, not the campaign.
But first, look at the demigryphs:

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