Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – E3 Announce, new name

It’s been a while since the new Mirror’s Edge was finally announced and made a lot of players happy. Now, with the E3 incoming, there are news about new games dropping here and there. Including Mirror’s Edge: First it will be called “Catalyst”, not just “2”. The reason for that is because the next ME won’t be a second part of a series, but a Reboot. It sounds strange, because a Reboot often shows up when there are a few games and the developers want to go back to the roots. Now they are rebooting the one and only Mirror’s Edge. They say, they watched the game and thought about so many things they can improve to create the best experience possible. Sounds more like a Mirror’s Edge 1.5 to me, but we will wait paitently until the E3, where everything should be a lot clearer.

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