Dishonored 2 – Announced

Bethesda announced another big game with the sequel to the Dishonored series.

Again the player will play as the assassin Corvo Attano in a steampunk scenario. The world though will be set in the tropical colonies of the empire. But thats not the biggest change.

Besides playing as Corvo the player will also be able to slip into the role of Emely Kaldwin, who Dishonored fans will remember from the first game.

Sadly it was stated that there will be no free swapping between the protagonists. Moreover a coop mode was denied aswell…Seriously why do so many games with great potential for hours and hours of coop fun exclude this awsome feature ?!

Still the game will probably be very fun to play if you liked the first part, as there will be new skills added and different play styles for the characters. For example Emely uses some kind of magic rope for fast movement, very similar to Corvos teleportation, and the trailer shows some pretty big insects interacting with the protagonist, so it will be likely to control them in the game.

The release date will be in early 2016 and the game will be published for PS4, Xbox One and Pc.

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