Deus Ex Mankind Divided – New augmentations and weapon customization

Luckily there was some gameplay of the new Deus Ex shown at E3. You can see a short mission, which seems to be set at the beginning. It most importantly shows the new augmentations Mr. Jensen has to use, like a fast dash forward to reach high places to enemies real quick (hello, Dishonored) and a few blade improvements. Also the action part of the game is improved. The developers want the player to choose a playstyle for themselves. That was possible in the previous game as well, but the game was obviously made for stealth. And this time even the Terminators among us will have a chance to really kick some ass.
Also at the beginning of the video when Adam Jensen arrives at the trainstation you can see in the background the hate and the force of the police against people with augmentations, which gives the game a darker tone and it seems like the player is also confronted with similar situations quite often.

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