Dark Souls 3 – Bloodborne fighting

The fights in Dark Souls 3 will be a lot faster and more agile than in the previous games. Fast weapon swinging, better dodging. The fighting system seems to be inspired by the latest game “Bloodborne”, which had the focus on fast battles and relinquished for example blocking. Blocking might be back in Dark Souls 3, but the possibility to dodge attacks instead of block them seems to be a bigger option than before.
Another new feature is apparently the “Ready Stance”. This allows new attacks, such as a defense-breaker with heavy weapons or a multi-target-attack for akimbo weapons. All those features show, that Dark Souls is getting a lot more agile and more “Bloodbornish”. And although “Bloodborne” was a good game, Dark Souls should stay Dark Souls. With improvements of course, but in it’s core it should have the features of a “Souls”-game. Bloodborne was good as well, so they can make Dark Souls 3 first and then Bloodborne 2, but not Darkborne.

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