Battlefront – Finally gameplay

During the E3 presentation EA finally showed some gameplay of Battlefront. One was a Coop-mission on Tatooine, where two rebels fought against AI stormtroopers and AT-STs while capturing different spots and destroying certain enemies. Didn’t really look like a real mission with cutscenes, story and stuff like that. A multiplayer map against AI is not really that interesting … but we will see.
The other video showed actual multiplayer footage during a battle on Hoth (the ice planet). This actually looked pretty amazing. The graphics are above awesome and what I really liked was the sound of grenade impacts, soldiers screaming and blaster shootings. It really supports an intense battle feeling.
At the end, one of the rebels is taken down by force. The camera turns around and shows the Sith-Lord Vader himself. Shortly after that, the other hero, Luke Skywalker, enters battle and fights stormtroopers before he runs for Vader, where the video ends. The hero fighting also looked really cool and seemed like a great improvement compared to Battlefront II.

But you better look at it for yourself.

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