Batman Arkham Knight – Tumbler DLC and more

The august-dlcs are out. It includes six new alternative skins and the 1989-pack with the old Batmobile from the old movies. The one, Michael Keaton drove. And to make the 1989-feeling perfect, you can also dress up as the “Michael Keaton”-Batman. New racing maps included, with scenes of the old movie with the classical Batman-theme from the old movies. So much nostalgicness and oldlessness …
For september we will get the “Crime fighter challenge pack” with new AR-challenges for Batman, Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman. After that we shall get a new story-dlc “GCPD Lockdown” in which we fight The Penguin as Nightwing. And according to a short teaser we will get the big ass Tumbler as another Batmobile-skin, from Christopher Nolan’s Batman-trilogy.
This of course is for PS4 and XBox One, since the PC version is still of the market.

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