Ark: Survival Evolved – Free weekend

Whoever has heard of Ark: Survival Evolved, but is not sure if he or she has to buy this game, can now test the game for two days. The game is free for this weekend on Steam. Enough time to get yourself a first impression. For all the people, who haven’t heard of the game, Ark: Survival Evolved is a new survival-game in Early Access on Steam. You start on a big island and start with cutting trees, gathering stones and food … and then tame a dinosaur. In this game you are not alone in the world. With other players of course you are on a dinosaur island. These dinosaurs are tameable so you can ride on them and fight with them. This game also has really good graphics, which caused a lot of performance issues in the first stages of the game. It got better, but a good hardware is still recommended.
A new feature is the “Survival of the fittest”-mode. It is basically a deathmatch-survival-mode, similar to the Hunger-Games. It’s not the first game, which has such a gamemode (it is actually quite popular in games), but nevertheless enjoyable.
So if you are still a fan of dinosaurs and want to live in your own Jurassic World, go ahead and test the game this weekend.


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