YouTube Red – Charged but ad-free music and video service starts soon.

There have been rumors and hints about paid subscriptions for quite a while, and what has become of that is called ‘YouTube Red’ and will start on October 28 – at least in the USA. People will be able to test it one month for free, but from then on it will cost 9,99$ per month.

What do you get for that? First of all, no more ads for music and especially videos. This seems only logical, especially thinking about the on-going attempts of Google and YouTube to disable external adblocking software for their pages.

YouTube Red will include the other Google services ‘Music Key’, ‘YouTube Kids’, ‘YouTube Gaming’ and ‘Google Play Music All Access’. Those who have an on-going subscription for the last one, which also costs 9,99$ already, will receive YouTube Red automatically.

Exclusively for subscribers of YouTube Red there will be the so-called ‘YouTube Originals’, movies and series mostly focusing on popular youtubers, for example ‘Scare PewDiePie’, a ‘reality-adventure show’, written by the creators of the ‘Walking Dead’ series. There will also be comedy, action and more.


While it shouldn’t be too surprising that Google actually wants to earn money with their huge and expensive platform YouTube, ‘YouTube Red’ doesn’t sound very appealing to me – not for that price. I guess it would be more interesting for many people if they included several different subscription possibilities, e.g. only the ad block but for 1,99$, or only the new shows for 4,99$. We’ll see about that after the free trial month is over.



Source: YouTube


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