Warhammer 40k Inquisitor Martyr – Early Access Check

The Warhammer franchise is pretty popular in gaming these days. We have strategy games, Coop shooters and turn-based fighting games, even sports games. Warhammer 40k Inquisitor Martyr wants to be the Diablo-competitor. You pick your hero and dive into random generated maps fighting dozens of enemies and collecting more and more epic loot. That’s the overview, but does it actually work?

You start simply by selecting the class you want to play as. Currently you can choose between two classes with three sub-categories, so you have up to six heroes to start with. There is no customization at the start though, your individual hero gets individual by the loot he collects during the game. As a fan of custom created stuff I hope that the devs are working on that for the final version.
When you have selected your hero and press start you’ll find yourself on a ship/spacestation and have no idea what to do. There is no real tutorial to tell you what to do or what all these different things and locations on your screen are. Well, with a little use of your brain you can find out the most important and basic stuff, like selecting missions and managing your inventory. But right now it’s more of a “find out yourself” thing but I’m sure there are people who want the game to explain everything which is not the case.
Luckily it is pretty obvious how to select missions. You go to the star map and navigate to the system and then the mission you want to play. There are different types and difficulties of missions. So you select a beginner mission and let’s go!

You can destroy quite a lot in this game

You start right away. After the loading has finished you spawn and get your mission objective marked on the map. And then you go fighting, mostly by shooting sometimes by sword fighting. The focus of the game is clearly on shooting, you can take cover and better keep your distance between the enemies. The maps are random so each mission should feel different, that’s what the devs are promoting. But sadly each mission was very repetitive. The “random” maps were mostly a mix of the same corridors which lead to the same square halls. In these halls you would find an almost identical combination of enemies compared to the rooms before. Even in the first mission I felt like I was doing the same stuff over and over again and that is an absolute no-go. After a couple hours you can get the feeling of repetitive grinding and even that is bad for a game. But the very first mission already got me waiting for the end. Too few types of enemies, map diversity, skills, weapons, overall possibilities. Plus, there are not many options to fight and try different tactis because your skills depend on the weapons you choose. That means you always have six attacks, the basic attacks included. For example you have, basic shot, sniper shot, triple shot and just spray your magazine empty. Then a key for a grenade/mine and a special skill, like two clones fighting for you, invisible etc. That’s not much and changing weapons doesn’t do the trick either. It’s cool that your skills depend on the weapons you have equipped, but first it’s not new and second the weapons almost have identical abilities. If I do a sniper shot with a rifle or a machine gun, the only thing that changes is the distance from where I can shoot.
Skills to unlock are hardly existent, your skill tree consists of slight improvements like “Increase Stun duration by 5%”, so basically minor changes that have an impact, but you barely notice it. There goes the motivation to level up …

The whole “random” maps, are a mix of corridors and halls

Right at the beginning you have seen most of the weapons. Of course after each mission you get your rewards through the basic system: Mostly common, some rares and epics/legendaries, … basic concept. Beside weapons you can change your armor and small improvements for your weapons (only stats, nothing visual). Maps, enemies, items, mission types as well … you see everything pretty fast. The basic concept is there, but the content is missing.
I have played multiple missions with multiple heroes, but it gets repetitive and therefore boring way too fast. I know this is Early Access (which isn’t an excuse forever), so I really hope that the devs have lots of plans for new content and mission design, because right now it feels like a Demo you play once to get an idea of the game.
But it’s not a Demo, it’s a full-priced AAA-game, and I cannot recommend spending that much money on this game at this certain stage of development.

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