Things you can do in Shadow of Mordor

… after you beat the campaign, which was pretty short, I would say. I have nothing to do, so I have a few ideas, what you can do in Middle-Earth after beating the campaign.
Find all collecitbles and beat all bonus missions. Lame, but well, if you want that 100% go for it. And if you do these special Missions for your weapons, you’ll get an awesome special ability for each of them. Buuuut, you can also buy them for Skill Points (forgot the mythical name of it), which basically screws up the reward effect at the end but … as I said. 100%!
Sneak into a fortress without being seen and try different “handicaps” like not using one or two weapons or only use Caragors (and not Wargs, because we have the license but fuck you) and Grog … bottle … things. These things, where they drink and one vomits and the others rage.
Wipe out the Nemesis system for one region. Kill everyone. But I could not kill the last one, maybe because you need one alive … but if you control them and blow their heads of at once, it works.
Stomp around with a Graug (and not a troll, because … you get it). I didn’t really do that during the campaign and it is actually pretty fun. Walk into a fortress and fight with you Graug. You can stay on it and stomp the shit out of the orcs beneath you or you kill the archers for you Graug (he will love you).
Search for the perfect Orc and help him on his way to be a warchief. I once found one. Mormog, the friendly. He even told me, that he didn’t want to fight with me, because … his heart said no. I liked him instantly and adopted him. Mormog didn’t really had a word against that adoption, but I was sure, his heart said yes again. I wanted him to become the greatest warchief of all time. He should create an empire of friendship, where all orcs speak through their hearts. Peace would come to Mordor. But unfortunately Mormog failed in his next Mission when he tried to recruit new friends. They killed him and I could not prevent it. I’m still sad. I never found an orc like Mormog again … ._.

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