Some thoughts on the Agony Trailer

So Mad Mind Studio hit Youtube with an Introductional Trailer to their Game “Agony” just recently and we wanted to share some thoughts with you on that one.

In case you were not familiar with Agony (like us a few moments ago), it is a survival horror game currently in development by Mad Mind Studio with Agony being their first game on their track record as a studio. Now how do we know it is a “survival horror first-person” game anyways? Certainly not from the trailer, since it doesn’t bother showing off some gameplay, as it is the case with most cinematic trailers.


Still, the trailer and game’s graphic style might be a treat for the eyes to one or the other gamer with its gory, bloody, fleshy Dark Souls meets Diablo aesthetics. Now while we usually not prefer having our protagonists inside-out, Agony might just be the game worth following until its release, especially for those hardcore survival-horror fans out there.

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