Some thoughts about VR

Everyone is on the VR train:

Almost every major publisher had some kind of plan regarding VR. While this sounds cool at first I really doubt that it is more than a bubble. Most peripherals don´t enhance your gaming experience apart from a more immersive one like the Oculus Rift. The only exception being the HTC Vive which also provides motion and spatial control. Especially the VR goggles alone are pretty much a gimmick right now. All they allow you right now is to turn around more than usual. The Vive has a lot more to offer but also, like the other competitors, a very high price tag. While some VR exclusive games look really nice, they mostly feel like tech demos with a bit of gameplay.


This trend is very comparable to the motion control madness, when everyone wanted to imitate Nintendo´s success, but VR has a major disadvantage: it is too expensive. The Wii had a pretty moderate price tag and a lot of exclusive games that really used motion controls in an innovative way. VR doesn´t have any exclusive blockbusters which would be pretty much necessary to interest a broader audience. Right now it is a lot cheaper and often more statisfing to try some VR games at a convention like Gamescom or E3.

That is not to say that the technology is inherently bad. I think everyone dreamed about playing games in a complete virtual reality where your movements are translated 1:1 into the game. Right now the technology is not that far but games like Robinson: The Journey, The Climb and the new Resident Evil already look very intriguing (but are they really worth the cost of a complete VR setup?). Another problem is that every company has it´s own device which makes it harder to decide on a real promising platform.



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