Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of Mysteries – The death simulator

If you are one of those two guys in the world, who thinks “Dark Souls” is too easy here comes a new challenge for you. Robbie Swifthand is a hardcore 2D platformer designed by Pixel Reign to bring you mental illness and depressions. You can get both on PC and Nintendo Switch. PS4 and Xbox One versions are planned as well.

Robbie is a bandit, who wakes up in a temple and has no other destination but the temples treasure. The temples ghost just laughs and the show begins. The levels exist to kill you over and over again, without any checkpoints or some other helpful things. There are thousands of traps and every step you take you must expect to die by spikes, falling bricks, flames, axes and so on. Actually, there is nearly nothing that is not going to kill you.

time pressure makes everything enjoyable

This psychology-based level design wants you to act in a special way, you to kill you immediately with their hidden traps. Let me give you one example: The moment Robbie triggers the spikes automatism in front, there will come stones from the ceiling right in your back, but because you got scared you jump backwards and the stones stomp Robbie into the ground. Nice job, you killed him!

Next time plan it better! You still need a bit of luck, but it will save you from too many deaths. It’s not really a game for fast runs.

Never mind, you will kill him for another hundreds of times! Once you know the traps or have a lot of luck, you finish the level and exit one of the ninety chambers in this temple. The higher levels come up with a sensory overload of traps and obstacles. So, if you really get stuck in one level, you may be able to choose another path of the level tree to avoid it for now. There is more than one way possible to end a whole level network.

boss fights included

Robbie Swifthand is the best way to learn patience, accuracy and how to rage in the right way (like straight through the wall). It’s a great game that lives up to its promise! The level environment and the music make you to like it even more.

I just can recommend it to whoever loves platformers. If there are still doubts from your side, try the Demo on steam for free. Right now, I will go back and torture Robbie some more times.

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