Raiders of the Broken Planet – Alien Myths

Let us talk about the first Raiders campaign ‘Alien Myths’ or perhaps first about the Prologue, because it was a god damn long fight to unlock the campaign in multiplayer mode.Be ready for some background facts. You start your long fight for the rescue of the ‘Broken Planet’, where your species (the Raiders) lives on and rebells against the invasion of human beings, cause they are threating the mythical and powerful planet with all the secrets to death. The resistence exists in form of a little spec ops squad with six individual Raiders. In the beginning of the Prologue (the free part of the game) there are two missions. The tutorial, where you play a Raider, called Harec, is short but gives you enough input for the first mission. Harec is part of this squad and already in the first mission, where it is about, to rescue another Raider from the human beings, you are able to choose between Harec, Alicia, Konstantin and Hans, as your fighter for this task. All off them are quite funny characters by the way.

Epic views.

Every Raider has a different special power;
Harec: the Sniper who can port himself to the best position behind enemy lines
Lycus: the red haired close combat warrior only has a shield and a pistol to get close to the enemy and punch them out of the universe
Konstantin: the machine gunner makes fast kills, keeps the foes in their cover by spray and pray and is able to produce a shield, which throws the bad boys away and covers your squad while pushing
Alicia: armed with a shotgun and some jump skills, she is the female clon of Lycus for the close combat
Shae: with the ability to bewitch her opposite, she gets invisible for them, what makes it possible to walk behind enemies lines and shoot in their back
Hans: the jetpack jumping death from above

Harec and Hans, ready for the fight!

To dominate a hand-to-hand fighting it needs luck and fast reactions. It is the most worthwhile and satisfying way to kill an enemy. The close combat system includes three movements: dodge, kick and punch and wrestle. These fights are mostly short and the one who wrestled first wins in two of three cases. But no worries, the respawn waits for you.
All together (up to four at once) in multiplayer or alone in the singleplayer, you are free to decide how you want to experience the game. We decided to play it together in multiplayer and if it is about the game feeling and entertainment thing, I just can recommend to play this game with a friend. Then you can do some tactics to make the antagonists cry. But there is actually one thing, that stops you. The matchmaking system is terrible. You both are ready to go and fight for your life?

Well, while we were waiting for a round to start, we could have enough time to cook a four course dinner or read a book (perhaps they should write a book about the story, which you can read while you are waiting for a match). We had rounds were we had to wait half an hour to join a round. That should not happen. For sure, in normal we waited one or two minutes until the round began, but the half an hour thing and five to ten minutes happend aswell. You just see that loading sign and do not know if you are in some kind of queue or if there is any round to join in the next minutes, quite annoying. Something they should really fix, but well.
Apart from this, ‘Mercury Steam’ devolped a pretty action-packed game as soon, as you found a round, you play in a group of four Raiders against the enemy bots, bosses and mostly an antagonist who gets played by a normal player. They have the mission to let you defeat.

If you defeat, you can equip and unlock new skills and weapons and try it again.

The missions are constructed as follows. Your squad founds themselves back in a from mission to mission different arena, where you have to find the way out to get to the next one and the next one and the next one until you reach the endboss. That sounds easy and monotonous, however the tasks are different in every arena and the enemy bots need a lot of attention aswell. If you kill them in close combat, you get ammunition and sometimes Aleph points, that you need to complete the tasks in the arena. These bots can be very harmful and not often you have to recognize, that you attacked the wrong person and you got instantly killed. But no worries. Mostly you are able to get respawned, also if there is just a low number of respawns for each round.

No way out.

In case you won a mission, you are able to get to the next one. However, if you try to unlock all missions by playing in multiplayer, you need a lot of endurance. The antagonist can become a big problem if you are playing in a squad of noobies and if one or your mates quit, the chance is really low, to win. So you are playing until you get the perfect round. That is very challenging. It is not bad, especially by that currently low number of playable missions and you get enough chances to find your best Raider, but it is pretty close to the edge of despair.

Alien Myths:

With ‘Alien Myths’, there comes the first payable campaign for the free Raiders game and adds four new missions to the Prologue. The rebellion now gets serious. To dominate this war, the Raiders need the help of the three Protectors. Wise powerful priests, who got captured by cruel human leaders. It is your destiny to rescue them. Indeed you need more Raiders to succeed. A female Raider, called Shae got caught aswell. You need support, so go and get her. The maps and tasks per missions are unique. You will not get bored, I swear.
All in all I would say that, ‘Mercury Steam’ developed a game with a lot of cons and pros, nevertheless, the game still develops. Give it some time, more players, the next DLCs and you will get a very compact entertaining single- and multiplayer actionshooter for you and your friends.
Go and test the free Prologue to get your own opinion, they need you all.

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