How is Batman: Arkham Origins?


Well, technically nobody asked for it, so I just asked myself to write an article about it, just to add more to the “User Questions”.

I personally waited a long time with Origins, because this game is not by Rocksteady and not part of the original “Arkham”-Trilogy (“Asylum”, “City” and soon “Knight”). So I was not really sure, if this game could be as good as the previous ones. And well, apparently it is. It is pretty much a big DLC for “Arkham City”. You have the district of the previous Batman-Game and a new one, which is Gotham City (The size of the map is ok, but Gotham City should be bigger in the next game). You move through that city like in the previous game, you have enemies on rooftops or in the streets like in the previous game, sometimes you have to take out armed guards silently like in the previous … you get it, “Arkham Origins” is pretty much like “Arkham City”. The Missions are similar (same fighing-system, same sneak-missions, same riddles, …) and if you played the first games, you are into that game pretty fast. So lets have a look at the new things.
New of course is the story. And what can I say, I really liked the story. I actually liked it more than the story of “Arkham City”. Batman is in his early years, so neither the city nor the police really know anything about him. Batman instead has never faced one of his enemies, like Bane, Penguin and Joker. All these guys show up, when Black Mask (one of those super-villians) wants the head of the Bat and the assassin who kills Batman will get 50 millions Dollars. Enough for Deathstroke, Deadshot, Bane and their friends to run trough Gotham and try to kill Batman, while the Dark Knight himself tries to find Black Mask and end this “contest”. Without anything to spoiler, the story is really interesting and fun to play. It really had a few epic moments. The rest is … “Arkham City”. If you liked that game and you need a new cool Batman-adventure then buy “Origins”. I didn’t expect much, but I really enjoyed it. It’s on Steam for 5 bucks, so it is worth a try.

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