Final Fantasy XIV – Content For Patch 3.15 Teased

Square Enix has revealed some of the contents for the next patch of their MMORPG ‘Final Fantasy XIV’. 3.15 will bring a questline about Anima weapons, which were already announced before the release of Heavensward. These weapons will ‘accompany’ the players throughout the future content and will be upgradable – probably by a lot of grind work, as it was with the legendary weapons in 2.x (meaning the content before the release of the addon).

Another new questline was revealed aswell, revolving around the Saint Endalim Scholasticate. Those are basically the religious foundation of Ishgard and the ones who caused lots of trouble in their own capital. No information is given what these quests will actually be about.


Patch 3.15 will certainly be released still this month, since 3.1 came in November and that would fit Square Enix’ update schedule from 2.x.

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