E3 – Press conferences summary

EA & Bethesda

We have seen all the press conferences and in case you have a fish brain or skipped a conference, here we have a summary of all the big games that were shown at this years E3:


Titanfall 2:
Looks very similar to the first Titanfall, but now includes a singleplayer campaign with an interesting plot and according to the trailer a few more gadgets for more intense multiplayer battles.


Madden NFL 17:
This years improvements seem to bring new commentary and graphics. They also talked a lot about eSports and how they want to support and host lots of events.

Mass Effect Andromeda:
Mass Effect didn’t really show a lot. There was a behind the scenes, showing how much the devs love the game, but actual gameplay was very rare. It would be nice to see a bit more of the game in the future. The very few gameplay shots looked promising though.

Fifa 17:
Most important new feature was of course the ‘Journey’-mode, a sports-campaign with a fictional player, cutscenes and ‘behind the field’-stuff like getting a new apartment. New graphics are also on the way, thanks to Frostbite.

An indie-game. Everybody loves indie-games. EA wants to support these games more and publishes them together with the developer, but the money goes 100% to the devs, not EA. We’ll see about that.

Star Wars:
There wasn’t really one big Star Wars game on E3, they more or less showed the people from different teams that they are working on different ‘Star Wars’-games. But not really a reason for a Hypetrain to start or something.

Battlefield 1:
Of course, Battlefield 1. THE game of this presss conference probably. They showed a lot of gameplay, even a live battle between pro-gamers and a few celebrities (Snoop Dogg showing mad gaming skillz), which even increased the hype and this game probably will be a real blockbuster.

EA didn’t really have suprises and focused on showing videos and talking facts than making a bit more show-stuff. They know what they have, they presented it. And actually it’s enough for a good PC.


Quake Champions:
Starting with something new and something promising, the first trailer was about a new Quake game. Not with gameplay, but according to the render trailer they will stick to the fast gameplay and all their cool weapons to deliver a good arena-shooter.

The Elder Scrolls Legends:
A card game. Like it or not. They will have a few different features than all the other card games, but it will still be a card game. Nothing wrong with that, you will probably get what you expect.

Lots of new Fallout-stuff. New tools and props for building, mod support for consoles and we already knew about ‘Dark Harbour’. Fallout Shelter will get a big update and a PC version. There wasn’t a huge surprise here, but well, this game is already released. And – because it’s included in the trailer below – a Skyrim-remake is on its way.

Another cool new game. This time only the title in the end revealed what it really was. A new Prey game. Not Prey 2, just Prey. The story is also completely new. The story-trailer looked really cool and interesting, even including a bit gameplay. Creepy aliens, red eyes, spacestations and stuff.

First DLC for DOOM incoming: ‘Unto the Evil’. And new features for Snapmap. And a Demo of the game, so oldschool.

Elder Scrolls Online:
Two things for ESO: First, the ‘One Tamriel’-update will let you visit every place of the world right after the tutorial, no level-boundaries. Second, the ‘Dark Brotherhood’-DLC is on its way for PS4 and XBox One.

Dishonored 2:
Dishonored took the most time of this PC. Lots of gameplay and trailers and gameplay-trailers. What they showed was very similiar to the first game. It probably won’t feel like a big DLC for D1 but the core elements are the same. So everyone who liked the first game will have fun with this one. Oh, and they expect you to know the first game, so if you watch the intro-sequence, there is a spoiler.


Bethesda used the hype of its recent games and showed a few surprises. Of course, last E3 had Fallout 4 where the PC hall was flooded with tears of joy, but Prey and Quake also did their job.

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