E3 PC: Ubisoft

Ubisoft’s press conference summary for you to save time and be up to date.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle:
A very unexpected crossover between Ubisoft and Nintendo. First of all, it’s nice to see big publishers cooperating and trying something new with their IPs. Second, this doesn’t look like a completely new concept (XCOM), but it looks like fun. Maybe for an easy round in the evening when the big strategy games are too complicated right now. I defenitely see a target group for this.

Assassin’s Creed Origins:
We already saw Assassin’s Creed on this E3, but of course Ubisoft has to talk about it too. They really talked more than they showed, at least during the pc. In the end though, they showed us 30 minutes of gameplay, which you can see below. A lot has changed, compared to the previous ones. But it looks promising.

The Crew 2:
At first I thought, The Crew is just getting a big update, but this is the sequel. Apparently you still have the entire USA as your personal race track, but now you can not only use cars, but planes and boats as well. All this with probably better graphics and hopefully even more vehicles. The Crew 3 will probably be with spaceships or something (you heard it here first).

South Park, The Fractured But Whole:
We know about the new South Park game for quite some time now, October 17th it will finally be ours. Ubisoft showed another short trailer of the game with the gameplay we know and the humour we love (at least most of the people do).

Skull and Bones:
Black Flag was amazing, especially the sea battles. So let’s make a game out of the sea battles. Skull and Bones takes the heartpiece of AC:BF, improves it here and there and gives us a new pirate adventure. What I saw didn’t really blow me away, because I already knew this kind of gameplay, but maybe the improvements are big enough for Skull and Bones to be a whole new game.

Just Dance 2018:
Usually Just Dance doesn’t have a real “trailer”. They always just dance (haha, so funny) on the stage and then a famous singer joins in, sings 3/4 of his/her new song and then announces Just Dance 20XY. This year wasn’t different.

South Park, Phone Destroyer:
And were back with some new South Park stuff. A mobile game. Looks like on of those currently popular turn-based fighting games. Collect characters, items, level them up, fight in a campaign and in a arena against other players, … I expect something like that. Could be fun.

Starlink, Battle for Atlas:
I cannot really tell much, because I don’t really have a clue what this game will be. It seems like some sort of Amiibo-StarFox mashup. You have a plastic version of your digital spaceship on your controller and can switch gear on it, which changes your ingame gear as well. That is a cool new idea, but I think once you did this a few times it will nothing special. Switching cannons with your hands or the push of a button is not that different, I suppose.

Ubisoft’s wintersports game gets a license update. Soon you can play the winter olympics. This is cool, because it give the game more “content”, instead of just creating a nameless avatar and cruising downhill over and over again. You will have famous names and actual challenges. A good and necessary update in my opinion.

Far Cry 5:
Of course, the last one is Far Cry. We already saw enough for a first impression, but Ubisoft shows us more content and focuses on multiplayer/companions at this presentation. Unlike Assassin’s Creed Origins, Far Cry 5 sticks to the main concept (with a few changes of course) and clearly reminds of the previous great titles of the series.

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