E3 PC: Microsoft

Microsoft’s press conference summary for you to save time and be up to date.

Forza Motorsport 7:
Like EA’s sports games, racings games come with better graphics and more content. Cool things was, that the new Porsche 911 was announced during this show, proving that the influence and importance of games grows more and more.

Metro Exodus:
Surprisingly there was the trailer for a new Metro game. The gameplay looked familiar, the style as well. But apparently you play outside and don’t need a gasmask there. The title Exodus also hints, that it’s time to move to new places. In this case, the radioactivity wasn’t very strong or we are playing as a grand-grand-grand-grand…son.

Assassin’s Creed Origins:
Yeah, it’s Ubisoft’s title, but they showed it here as well, so I just leave the trailer and won’t talk to much about it on Microsoft’s pc.

State of Decay 2:
The playable ‘Walking Dead’. Build your base, find new allies, gather ressources and deal with permadeath. Sounds awesome. Hearing that it will have coop was even more awesome, but then they said it will be a drop-in coop (like in Dark Souls) so you can’t play a whole campaign together. To be honest, this idea is pretty bad, I hope the devs change it and make a real coop-game.

The Darwin project:
Then there was this game, where you play in some sort of Hunger Games (never had that before) in comic graphics. The gameplay was not really enough to know what this game really is, but the guy who presented it, reaaaaally seems to enjoy this game.

Minecraft 4K:
Minecraft in 4K resolution, that’s somehow ironic. But now it gets the graphics and shaders, PC players already have for years. Plus a few new blocks, mobs, etc. … it’s Minecraft.

DragonBall FighterZ:
There was this very old 2D DragonBall fighting game which I loved, even though I was terrible. This reminds me of it, and people who enjoy games like Mortal Kombat should like this as well. Hopefully it will be like the old small DragonBall game. No campaign, no free roaming, no microtransactions, just fighting.

Black Desert:
For people who haven’t played this game (like me) this trailer didn’t really show much. It looked cool and everything but I have no idea what’s new. Nevertheless it seems to be really cool, lots of effects and epic stuff in it.

The last night:
Very cool style, seems to be a 2D sidescroller in a futuristic setting. On of those games for one or two evenings, but I really like these kind of games.

Code Vein:
Japanese fighting game. Setting and gameplay kinda remind me of Darksiders.

Sea of Thieves:
Funny trailer about the game, showing treasure hunting and sea battles. This game looks really cool, I’m still curious how the online aspect will be. How many players or how to buy and save your stuff etc. Still, with the right people this looks like a lot of fun.

Super Luckys Tale:
A very colorful game with cute creatures and easy gameplay. This has to be for kids. Seems to be cute. Cool.

Crackdown 3:
Terry Crews made this funny. The rest looked so meh. It’s an over-the-top shooter, but I think we have a lot of those. And they are all funny but most of them not for long. We’ll see.

This one looked very interesting. It didn’t really tell much, but I assume it will be in coop and focus on very stylish boss fights, combined with a dramatic non-voiced story, probably one of them dies or something.

Life is Strange, Before the Storm:
This one is a prequel to the game from 2015. Apparently this game is made by another studio, while the original creators are working on the next part of the game. So expect something like Batman: Arkham Origins. Same, but a bit weaker.

Shadow of War:
They already showed a lot of this game, literally hours of it. But it’s still cool to see even more of it. This trailer shows a bit of cutscenes and the relationships between Talion and the orcs. Orcs are actually funny.

Ori and the will of whisps:
This game is just gorgeous. The style and the music are so beautiful and the story and … so gorgeous. Anyway, it seems to be like the first one, which is a good thing. New ideas for places, creatures etc to create a new heartwarming adventure in a beautiful forest.

This year’s highlight from Bioware shows another destiny. I’m sorry to say it like that, but I am not really hyped. Graphics amazing, gameplay looks interesting, but in the end it was killing a few minions to get bigger guns (to fight more minions for even bigger guns …). I have to see more of the game to get hyped. How big is the map? How diverse is it? What about the fighting, is it just shooting until it’s dead? I need answers first. But here, get yourself an opinion.

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